Part of life-long learning is continuing to develop our sense of calling by building on our strengths and becoming aware of those things that stall our growth or fruitfulness. 

Evaluation with the Gospel Ventures Network occur throughout our development pathways. Each of our 5 building block pathways has an accompanying evaluation where those further along than us in their walk or experience can help us hone our skills and grow closer toward Christ-likeness. All of our evaluations are accomplished by observing and measuring specific competencies and helping build growth plans. 

Gospel Ventures Network either already has or is currently developing evaluations for leaders, teams, churches, and apostolic spheres.






Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.

Mark 1:17

student & mentor assessment forms




But Baranabas took him and brought him to the apostles and declared to them how on the road he had seen the Lord, who spoke to him, and how at Damascus he had preached boldly in the name of Jesus.

Acts 9:27