Reporting, sharing stories, and being mindful of what was happening in the rest of the network was an integral part of the first century expansion of the church. Apostolic leaders like Paul, Timothy, Silas, Barnabas, etc., saw one of their primary goals to communicate among the churches and to supporting/sending churches like the church in Antioch. Our desire is to recapture this first-century practice by utilizing modern technology and our interpersonal relationships. Please make sure this is a high value for the purpose of Kingdom expansion. We believe that all of the questions asked in this form are either “vital measures” you should be tracking as a missional church, or they are questions aiming to hear stories and particular needs. If you are diligent with tracking these missional measures, it should only take you about 10-15 minutes to fill out this form each month. It is well worth the time, considering the effective role it plays in our Kingdom work together.

Please fill out this form and submit between the 1st & 7th of each month. We use this data to report stories, progress, and needs among our churches and supporters. These figures also help give us an overall pulse on the health of our network and give us ways to improve. They also help us keep our prayer partners praying, and let us know how we can better work together and equip you in your mission field.

While we ask every Gospel Ventures church to submit this monthly form, we require any church receiving grants from one or more Gospel Ventures churches or Strategic Partners (i.e. denominations, networks) are required to submit this form by the 7th in order to receive your next grant dispersement. Late forms will not be accepted for grant dispersement.

Please fill out this form and submit between the 1st & 7th of each month.

  • Please take time at the beginning of each month to fill out this report form. This is time well spent because it helps us report to the network what is happening as we progress toward our vision together. If you have video to submit, please upload it to our youtube page and let John know via email that you have new video.